Hospitality NYC is a multifaceted hospitality consulting company specializing in high end or fast casual market food and beverage complexes, corporate hospitality venues, hotel and facility operations. We provide high level consulting for clients, from small business owners to large property holders. Our goal is to help our clients build profitable, top-quality operations from the ground up and redevelop existing businesses into fresh, competitive operations.


Apart from providing advice to hospitality property entrepreneurs that want to open a new business, turn around their failing business, or change their existing business in a major way,Elaina offers ongoing management for your hospitality concept. She can assist with any level of hospitality needs, as well as new concepts to completion.

Starting a new business

Even for seasoned veterans and hospitality owners, starting a new hospitality concept can be a daunting task. As a consultant Elaina can assist on every level of planning from location to ongoing management. Often business owners want to work with my team to increase their chances of success in such an unsure market.

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Construction oversight

With over 23 years of experience opening Restaurant, Bar, Catering and Corporate facilities, Elaina and her team can help you to best lay out your property to optimize space, design intent and seating programming to maximize sales.

Our years of experience using many General Contractors and Subs as well as working with the industries best interior designers, gives us the expertise to manage budgets and contractors to maximize your investment.

  • Weekly visits to ensure work is being performed according to plans
  • Recommendation to execute new design
  • Problem solving

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